Here in this article we are going to talk about the top most Cloud Computing tech companies. In this article we will try to cover all the details of these top most companies so that you all will get the information which you are looking for. Now before going further we have to know about what is cloud computing then we will discuss about the service providing companies.

The term Cloud computing is very famous now a day.  As we all know computer network technologies are developed so rapidly now a day. If anyone provides you services through internet then it is known as Cloud computing. These services are of various types like online storage, databases, servers, networking and some internet related software.

Top Cloud Computing Tech Companies are as follow-


If we talk about Kamatera company so this company provides very low maintenance with high performance cloud services. This is why this company saves its ranking on the top among all. Cost wise also Kamatera is also very efficient you can adopt servers at just $4. They also provide 100% free trial for 30 days. Here you will get 24/7 technical support from companies side. They have 14 data centers across 4 continents.

  1. phoenixNAP

phoenixNAP is one of the leading global IT services provider. They offer many services like infrastructure as a service, private, public cloud services. They offer high performance cloud services with backups, disaster recovery and solutions. There are many hardware and software solutions are available which will help you our business need like data security, private cloud, public cloud etc.

  1. ScienceSoft

It is one of the best US based cloud computing service provider. Experience wise this company is the oldest they have 11 years + of experience in IT services. They also provide many services like end-to-end cloud managed services, administration and troubleshooting, monitoring and security and many more. Partnerships with AWS and Azure, big data in IOT. They provides 24/7 tech support.

  1. Amazon web services (AWS)

If we talk about the most reliable and safest cloud computing platform then AWS is on top. They provide wide range of cloud services like data storage, computing power and networking. You can also host the static websites by using Amazon Web Services. By using services from AWS user can build many application which are scalable, trustable and worth to money. In the beginning they also give trial for free for some days.

  1. Microsoft Azure

If you are looking to opt services which allow you to design, deploying, managing the applications across worldwide then Microsoft Azure is one of the best option. In the beginning Microsoft Azure was known as Windows Azure.  This particular service provider supports various OS, database, tools, Programming languages. It also allows free trial pack for 30 days.

  1. Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform is one of the safest and trustable service providers among the list. Google cloud platform offers a type of integrated storage which is used by the developers and by enterprises for live data. They also offers free trial pack for some days in the beginning and along with this they provides their services on flexible payment options like (PAYG)

  1. Adobe

They offer many useful cloud services like Adobe creative cloud, Adobe experience cloud, Adobe doc cloud. For editing videos, photography, graphic designing you can opt Adobe creative cloud. For advertising and business related use Adobe experience cloud. For complete digital documentation use Adobe document cloud.

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