Here in this article we will tell you about the best and top most universities in USA. If you are also searching which are the best options of universities in USA to study so stay calm we will tell you all the details about the top universities of USA. Many students dream to study in USA. They just want to explore some new things and want to give new heights to their career so they search here and there on the Internet, but today we will try our best to give you the best and correct information which you want. Here we will try to categorized the universities according to their ranking.

So the list of the top most and best universities are as follow-

  1. MIT

MIT stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is one of the best university of USA. According to the global rank across the world it comes on number 1. MIT University is one of the best universities across the world since from 8 continued years. People gives the perfect rating on many criteria like the reputation of academy, reputation of employer, facilities given to students and the infrastructure of the university. It is not the best university of only USA but it is the best among the whole world.

  1. Stanford University

This university is also stands perfect in each and every criteria like quality study, infrastructure, facilities given to students and the researchers, reputation of the academy and the overall results and feedback. Everything is positive about the university. If you are also searching the best option to study in USA then Stanford University may become the good choice for you. According to a research most successful peoples are graduated from Stanford University. It global rank is 2.

  1. Harvard University

Harvard saves the best place just after MIT and STANFORD. It is the famous university just after Oxford and Harvard if we talk about the performance and the reputation of academy, employer so it stood on number one on the entire world. Harvard is little bit behind in the competition if we talk about the international population of students so this thing is little disappointing otherwise it is one of the best universities. Its global rank is 3.

  1. California Institute of technology

It is also known as Caltech. It we talk about the west coast so this is one of the best universities in that area. If we talk about the top 10 list of universities in USA so this is the smallest university in that list. It global rank is 5th across the entire world in the year 2020. This university is known for its research and technology facilities. Since form the 20th century this university is known as the hub for scientific research.

  1. University of Chicago

It is the first university of USA which saves its rank in the top 10 universities of USA in the year 2020. In the whole country university of Chicago is the best institute of non-lvy league. People who studied here say that academics is its strength. They have many schools also like Harris school of public policies studies, Pritzker School of medicine. They have very good feedbacks and that’s why students get attracted to them from all over the world. Its global rank is 10th.

  1. Princeton University

Princeton University was established in 1746. At National and International level this university is so famous. Its global rank is 13. Some people say its faculty to student ratio is not good.

  1. Cornell University

In a row for last since 3 years it is ranked 14th globally in the world. The center attraction and strength point of the university is its academic reputation, research and the international faculty. Its student to faculty ratio is very high.

  1. University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania has left Columbia and Yale behind in this year. The strength of this university is its academic research and International faculty. Its global rank is 15.

  1. Yale University

Yale University is also one of the best and famous universities all over the world. Its global ranking is 17. Yale University stands good on student to faculty ratio. The strength points are employer and faculty reputation.

10 Columbia University

If we talk about the ratio of student to faculty members so Columbia     University scores the full marks for it. Columbia University is one of the unique universities of the US because it has just 5.8 % of undergraduate acceptance rate. Its global rank is 18.

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