Into this contemporary world everybody wants to earn extra income or they wants to invest their savings at the right place. For those people who are ready to invest their money then investment in mutual funds is best. Mutual funds some times have little risk but you don’t need to worry, every investment has some risk into it . Into mutual funds you can minimize risk by investing thousands rupees through SIP. Into mutual funds you will get 10 to 20 percent of growth every year.

To invest in mutual funds you need to complete e-kyc on websites of any bank or any assets management company. Not everyone  has a knowledge of share market, for those people mutual funds investment is best because into this there are highly qualified professionals who will invest your money into the share market. In mutual funds the banks and assets management companies pools the investment from many people who are ready to invest money. After creating pools the company gives investors money to the fund manager. The fund manager is h highly qualified professional who has a knowledge of how and where to invest money.

The fund manager invest the pooled money to generate maximum returns. The fund manager has the knowledge of the share market.When a fund manager invest money in share market after investing the money they got profit money in return, the fund manager will take their fees from profit and then transfer that return to your account according to your investment. Mutual funds have many types some are equity funds, some are debt funds and some are balance funds.

The equity funds contain high risk but it also gives higher profits. Debt funds have less risk but it also give less returns, into the balance funds your money will be invested in both equity and debt funds to balance risk and profit. When you are new in investing in mutual funds then you can invest through SIP it has very low risk. Before investing into mutual funds you can get all the information from the company about the fund manager, about the fees before investment, they can also get to know about the company’s performance, about the tax on investment and many other things. After getting all the information about mutual funds investment you can easily invest into the mutual funds and make more money.

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