In this article we will tell what is Bitcoin, how to invest in it and all the required details about Bitcoin which a new user want to know. So stay with us here and read the whole article carefully you will get the desired details about the Bitcoin. Before this article many questions arises in your mind but we will try to answer all the questions in this article.

Bitcoin is just a virtual currency and like other currencies like Dollar, Rupee etc. bitcoin is type of digital currency and also little bit different from the existing ones. As you know it is type of virtual currency so you can’t touch it or see it. Then the question arises where we store the Bitcoin so we can store Bitcoin in the online wallet only. Bitcoin is very famous currency all over the world. For storing Bitcoin and to control it you never need any bank or authority. Just like Internet there is no boss of internet but everyone uses it so Bitcoin is the same everyone can use it but no one have the legal control on it.

Why we use Bitcoin so the answer is we can use Bitcoin in any type of transactions or for doing the online payment. Bitcoin mainly works on peer to peer network. Peer to Peer means people can interact, do transactions of money without any type of medium like bank, credit card or companies. People believe that Bitcoin is very fast for doing transactions as compared to other techniques. Many people now a day are using Bitcoin in daily life and they are developers, entrepreneurs and many not profitable org. Bitcoin is acceptable as the global payment all over the world. We can store Bitcoin only online means electronically. For this we need Bitcoin wallets and they are of various types desktop wallet, mobile wallet, online wallet you can use any one of them and create account on them and you have given a unique id.

If you want to buy Bitcoin in India in the Indian currency so there are couple of websites which allows you to buy Bitcoin without any complex techniques.

  1. Unocoin
  2. Zebpay

These are some websites which you can go and check if you want to buy Bitcoin in India.

For investing in Bitcoin you must keep some things in your mind which are first you have to decide where to buy the Bitcoin because there are multiple ways of it including exchange and traditional brokers from this thing you may start to invest in the Bitcoin. Then you have to think how to store the cryptocurrency means you will store it to your hot wallet or in the cold wallet. After that you must think about how much you should invest in the Bitcoin because this is very important while investing. After you have done this all make sure that do not forget to manage your investment the meaning of saying this is that start managing your investment keep eye on the long term plans and their assets. So following these simple steps you can easily invest in Bitcoin.

Some other options are also available to invest in Bitcoin and they are-

  1. Bitcoin Atm’s
  2. Peer to Peer bitcoin owners
  3. Bitcoin futures
  4. Grayscale funds

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