At present we see high boom on Cloud Computing technologies. This technology is based on internet and network and they gives many services to its users as multiple ways. Cloud computing technologies are so flexible and so cost efficient too. Here you only pay for what you have used no extra charges.

Top cloud computing technologies are given below-

  1. Virtualization

In this tech license keys are shared to different- different users of the enterprises. The main and focused aim of this particular tech is to provide the standard and best version of cloud application to its users or clients. Virtualization is famous for its flexibility and instant running process.

There are some types of virtualization are as follow-

  • Hardware virtualization.
  • OS virtualization
  • Server virtualization
  • Storage virtualization
  1. Service – Oriented Architecture

In this particular tech we can divide the services can be used for business purposes or for daily procedural. SOA have two types of major components and they are Quality as service and the second one is software as service. The functioning of both the components are different. Quality of service is helpful in identifying the functions and behavior of the service. Software as service may be use for new delivery of software models comes from software service providers.

  1. Grid Computing

In this particular tech what we do we combine or connect multiple servers from multiple just to achieve common goals. Along with this Grid Computing divides large problems into smaller problems. This is commonly used in e- commerce where we have to share resources on very large computing.

  1. Utility computing

It works on pay per utilize model. As per the cost this tech is very efficient it reduces the initial investment. If you want any change of computing as per your business need and the billing may also change later for this change you will not charge any additional cost. If you also reduce your usage of services which you have then cost of billing will also decrease later.

There are many benefits of Cloud computing technologies which are as follow –

  • High scalability-

It consist large scale of supply of resource without any human interaction.

  • High availability and reliability-

It means availability of the services without any type of delay

  • Agility-

Among the users it divides the resources and we see that execution occurs very fast.

  • Multi sharing-

Multi sharing means different- different clients and users from different – different locations may share the same type of resources with ease.

  • Maintenance-

Maintenance means user can access the services with ease from anywhere anytime and installation may not require.

  • Low cost-

Low cost means services are very cost efficient and you can pay as per the usage of services.

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