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Which is the best and top most car insurance company in India this question will surely arise in your mind when you are going to buy car insurance for your car. Car insurance is very important for your car. If you love your car then you must think about taking the best car insurance for your car. When people are going to buy the car insurance they feel so confused but at that time it is very important that you must select the best car insurance for you. So for helping you all in selecting the best car insurance we are here, so in this article we are going to tell you about one of the best car insurance companies in India. Before buying the best car insurance first you must compare different- different things and must look what options are available for you to take. So let get started and discuss the best car insurance companies.

Top and best car insurance companies are as follows-

  1. New India Assurance Car Insurance-

New India Assurance Car Insurance is one of the leading and multinational general insurance company in India. It is serving 28 Countries with its best. Its headquarters situated in Mumbai. According to the records New India Assurance Car Insurance is one of the oldest company in India. It is actively working in Insurance sector from more than 40 years. They have thousands of employees which are ready to serve the customers by providing the best insurance solutions. It has 230+ insurance products in their pocket. Insurance provided by the company covers every general and required aspect. Incurred claimed ration is 87.54%. Network garages are 5100+.


  1. United India Car Insurance-

In the car insurance industry United India Car Insurance is very well known name and well developed company. If the question is of providing the best quality assurance solutions then the answer is United India Car Insurance. This company has more than 1300 offices all over the country. This company has huge amount of working employees near to 18000. United India Car Insurance has large customer base of 1 Cr. This is why it is one of the trusted companies. This company also works in the rural areas. This company was established in 1938. The claim settlement ratio is 91.72%. They focus on cashless process. They provide protection of personal injuries, third party liabilities etc. Its headquarters is located in Chennai.


  1. HDFC ERGO Car insurance-

HDFC ERGO Car insurance is one of the best growing car insurance company in India. It is a joint venture of ERGO international AG and HDFC ltd. This company is now growing and it has around 108 offices in 90+ cities. They also have mobile application which provides the fast communication between public and company. They have many features like less documentation, discount, claim settlement process is fast, 24/7 customer support. Its headquarters is in Mumbai. Network garages are more than 6800.


  1. Tata AIG Car Insurance-

Founded year of Tata AIG car insurance was year 2011. As it has a well known name of Tata but in the insurance sector they are making their presence very nicely. They has many features like it cover the insurance done by natural calamities, if the damage done by man- made calamities it also covers that, it also covers personal accident cover. Its headquarters is situated in Mumbai. Network garages are 3000+ and branches all over the India is 150+


  1. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company-

Bajaj Allianz General insurance Company is one of the best and high customer base companies in India. This company was founded in the year 2001. They are spreading over more than 200+ cities. They offer one of the best and useful insurance products. Customer satisfaction is company’s priority. Its headquarters is located in Pune. Network garages are 4000+.

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