In this article we will tell what is Bitcoin, how to invest in it and all the required details about Bitcoin which a new user want to know. So stay with us here and read the whole article carefully you will get the desired details about the Bitcoin. Before this article many questions arises in your mind but we will try to answer all the questions in this article.

Bitcoin is just a virtual currency and like other currencies like Dollar, Rupee etc. bitcoin is type of digital currency and also little bit different from the existing ones. As you know it is type of virtual currency so you can’t touch it or see it. Then the question arises where we store the Bitcoin so we can store Bitcoin in the online wallet only. Bitcoin is very famous currency all over the world. For storing Bitcoin and to control it you never need any bank or authority. Just like Internet there is no boss of internet but everyone uses it so Bitcoin is the same everyone can use it but no one have the legal control on it.

Why we use Bitcoin so the answer is we can use Bitcoin in any type of transactions or for doing the online payment. Bitcoin mainly works on peer to peer network. Peer to Peer means people can interact, do transactions of money without any type of medium like bank, credit card or companies. People believe that Bitcoin is very fast for doing transactions as compared to other techniques. Many people now a day are using Bitcoin in daily life and they are developers, entrepreneurs and many not profitable org. Bitcoin is acceptable as the global payment all over the world. We can store Bitcoin only online means electronically. For this we need Bitcoin wallets and they are of various types desktop wallet, mobile wallet, online wallet you can use any one of them and create account on them and you have given a unique id.

If you want to buy Bitcoin in India in the Indian currency so there are couple of websites which allows you to buy Bitcoin without any complex techniques.

  1. Unocoin
  2. Zebpay

These are some websites which you can go and check if you want to buy Bitcoin in India.

For investing in Bitcoin you must keep some things in your mind which are first you have to decide where to buy the Bitcoin because there are multiple ways of it including exchange and traditional brokers from this thing you may start to invest in the Bitcoin. Then you have to think how to store the cryptocurrency means you will store it to your hot wallet or in the cold wallet. After that you must think about how much you should invest in the Bitcoin because this is very important while investing. After you have done this all make sure that do not forget to manage your investment the meaning of saying this is that start managing your investment keep eye on the long term plans and their assets. So following these simple steps you can easily invest in Bitcoin.

Some other options are also available to invest in Bitcoin and they are-

  1. Bitcoin Atm’s
  2. Peer to Peer bitcoin owners
  3. Bitcoin futures
  4. Grayscale funds



At present we see high boom on Cloud Computing technologies. This technology is based on internet and network and they gives many services to its users as multiple ways. Cloud computing technologies are so flexible and so cost efficient too. Here you only pay for what you have used no extra charges.

Top cloud computing technologies are given below-

  1. Virtualization

In this tech license keys are shared to different- different users of the enterprises. The main and focused aim of this particular tech is to provide the standard and best version of cloud application to its users or clients. Virtualization is famous for its flexibility and instant running process.

There are some types of virtualization are as follow-

  • Hardware virtualization.
  • OS virtualization
  • Server virtualization
  • Storage virtualization
  1. Service – Oriented Architecture

In this particular tech we can divide the services can be used for business purposes or for daily procedural. SOA have two types of major components and they are Quality as service and the second one is software as service. The functioning of both the components are different. Quality of service is helpful in identifying the functions and behavior of the service. Software as service may be use for new delivery of software models comes from software service providers.

  1. Grid Computing

In this particular tech what we do we combine or connect multiple servers from multiple just to achieve common goals. Along with this Grid Computing divides large problems into smaller problems. This is commonly used in e- commerce where we have to share resources on very large computing.

  1. Utility computing

It works on pay per utilize model. As per the cost this tech is very efficient it reduces the initial investment. If you want any change of computing as per your business need and the billing may also change later for this change you will not charge any additional cost. If you also reduce your usage of services which you have then cost of billing will also decrease later.

There are many benefits of Cloud computing technologies which are as follow –

  • High scalability-

It consist large scale of supply of resource without any human interaction.

  • High availability and reliability-

It means availability of the services without any type of delay

  • Agility-

Among the users it divides the resources and we see that execution occurs very fast.

  • Multi sharing-

Multi sharing means different- different clients and users from different – different locations may share the same type of resources with ease.

  • Maintenance-

Maintenance means user can access the services with ease from anywhere anytime and installation may not require.

  • Low cost-

Low cost means services are very cost efficient and you can pay as per the usage of services.



Here in this article we are going to talk about the top most Cloud Computing tech companies. In this article we will try to cover all the details of these top most companies so that you all will get the information which you are looking for. Now before going further we have to know about what is cloud computing then we will discuss about the service providing companies.

The term Cloud computing is very famous now a day.  As we all know computer network technologies are developed so rapidly now a day. If anyone provides you services through internet then it is known as Cloud computing. These services are of various types like online storage, databases, servers, networking and some internet related software.

Top Cloud Computing Tech Companies are as follow-


If we talk about Kamatera company so this company provides very low maintenance with high performance cloud services. This is why this company saves its ranking on the top among all. Cost wise also Kamatera is also very efficient you can adopt servers at just $4. They also provide 100% free trial for 30 days. Here you will get 24/7 technical support from companies side. They have 14 data centers across 4 continents.

  1. phoenixNAP

phoenixNAP is one of the leading global IT services provider. They offer many services like infrastructure as a service, private, public cloud services. They offer high performance cloud services with backups, disaster recovery and solutions. There are many hardware and software solutions are available which will help you our business need like data security, private cloud, public cloud etc.

  1. ScienceSoft

It is one of the best US based cloud computing service provider. Experience wise this company is the oldest they have 11 years + of experience in IT services. They also provide many services like end-to-end cloud managed services, administration and troubleshooting, monitoring and security and many more. Partnerships with AWS and Azure, big data in IOT. They provides 24/7 tech support.

  1. Amazon web services (AWS)

If we talk about the most reliable and safest cloud computing platform then AWS is on top. They provide wide range of cloud services like data storage, computing power and networking. You can also host the static websites by using Amazon Web Services. By using services from AWS user can build many application which are scalable, trustable and worth to money. In the beginning they also give trial for free for some days.

  1. Microsoft Azure

If you are looking to opt services which allow you to design, deploying, managing the applications across worldwide then Microsoft Azure is one of the best option. In the beginning Microsoft Azure was known as Windows Azure.  This particular service provider supports various OS, database, tools, Programming languages. It also allows free trial pack for 30 days.

  1. Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform is one of the safest and trustable service providers among the list. Google cloud platform offers a type of integrated storage which is used by the developers and by enterprises for live data. They also offers free trial pack for some days in the beginning and along with this they provides their services on flexible payment options like (PAYG)

  1. Adobe

They offer many useful cloud services like Adobe creative cloud, Adobe experience cloud, Adobe doc cloud. For editing videos, photography, graphic designing you can opt Adobe creative cloud. For advertising and business related use Adobe experience cloud. For complete digital documentation use Adobe document cloud.



Here in this article we will tell you about the best and top most universities in USA. If you are also searching which are the best options of universities in USA to study so stay calm we will tell you all the details about the top universities of USA. Many students dream to study in USA. They just want to explore some new things and want to give new heights to their career so they search here and there on the Internet, but today we will try our best to give you the best and correct information which you want. Here we will try to categorized the universities according to their ranking.

So the list of the top most and best universities are as follow-

  1. MIT

MIT stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is one of the best university of USA. According to the global rank across the world it comes on number 1. MIT University is one of the best universities across the world since from 8 continued years. People gives the perfect rating on many criteria like the reputation of academy, reputation of employer, facilities given to students and the infrastructure of the university. It is not the best university of only USA but it is the best among the whole world.

  1. Stanford University

This university is also stands perfect in each and every criteria like quality study, infrastructure, facilities given to students and the researchers, reputation of the academy and the overall results and feedback. Everything is positive about the university. If you are also searching the best option to study in USA then Stanford University may become the good choice for you. According to a research most successful peoples are graduated from Stanford University. It global rank is 2.

  1. Harvard University

Harvard saves the best place just after MIT and STANFORD. It is the famous university just after Oxford and Harvard if we talk about the performance and the reputation of academy, employer so it stood on number one on the entire world. Harvard is little bit behind in the competition if we talk about the international population of students so this thing is little disappointing otherwise it is one of the best universities. Its global rank is 3.

  1. California Institute of technology

It is also known as Caltech. It we talk about the west coast so this is one of the best universities in that area. If we talk about the top 10 list of universities in USA so this is the smallest university in that list. It global rank is 5th across the entire world in the year 2020. This university is known for its research and technology facilities. Since form the 20th century this university is known as the hub for scientific research.

  1. University of Chicago

It is the first university of USA which saves its rank in the top 10 universities of USA in the year 2020. In the whole country university of Chicago is the best institute of non-lvy league. People who studied here say that academics is its strength. They have many schools also like Harris school of public policies studies, Pritzker School of medicine. They have very good feedbacks and that’s why students get attracted to them from all over the world. Its global rank is 10th.

  1. Princeton University

Princeton University was established in 1746. At National and International level this university is so famous. Its global rank is 13. Some people say its faculty to student ratio is not good.

  1. Cornell University

In a row for last since 3 years it is ranked 14th globally in the world. The center attraction and strength point of the university is its academic reputation, research and the international faculty. Its student to faculty ratio is very high.

  1. University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania has left Columbia and Yale behind in this year. The strength of this university is its academic research and International faculty. Its global rank is 15.

  1. Yale University

Yale University is also one of the best and famous universities all over the world. Its global ranking is 17. Yale University stands good on student to faculty ratio. The strength points are employer and faculty reputation.

10 Columbia University

If we talk about the ratio of student to faculty members so Columbia     University scores the full marks for it. Columbia University is one of the unique universities of the US because it has just 5.8 % of undergraduate acceptance rate. Its global rank is 18.



Here in this article we will try to cover each and every information in detail about Bitcoin like what is Bitcoin, how does it work and one Bitcoin is equal to how much Rupee. So be with us read the complete article carefully we will try to answer you’re your doubts here.

So basically Bitcoin is a type of digital currency or cryptocurrency. Now many people will ask what is cryptocurrency so it is a kind of digital currency or digital asset which we can use to buy anything or any services electronically. It works on Peer to Peer electronic system. We use it through Internet. Now back to Bitcoin so it is a form of electronic cash. Hence it is digital currency so it does not have any type of central bank or any authority to control it. It is type of open source system.

Bitcoin was initially released in January 2009. The founder of Bitcoin was Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is also known as virtual currency. Safety wise Bitcoin is very good, when the transactions are made it goes through 16 character encrypted address. This address can’t be accessed by anyone only it can be accessed by the owner of the address to which the transaction has been made. We can use Bitcoin anytime anywhere like to do any type of transactions or online payments. It works on Peer to Peer network it means users are not directly connected to each other by any bank or credit card. You can do transactions directly to each other. Bitcoin offers faster transactions. Peoples f each and every field are using Bitcoin for daily transactions.

Like when using other currencies and doing transactions then we must have to follow the basic processes and then after the payment has made. Each and every details of that transactions are available in our account like when we does transactions and to whom etc. but on Bitcoin this all does not happen because nobody controls Bitcoin so when we do transactions using Bitcoin it is stored or recorded on one public ledger record which is known as Bitcoin “blockchain”. All the details of the transactions stores only here so the blockchain is the only prove of transactions occurred or not. At current if we talk about the value of one Bitcoin so till the date 1 Bitcoin is equal to 4,68,436.98 Indian Rupee. This value is not permanent this may change time to time like sometimes it may increase or sometimes it may decrease because no one has control on it so its value will depend on the demand and according to it changes may occur to value.

We can store bitcoin only electronically so for this we need a wallet and a wallet which is used known as Bitcoin wallet. There are many types of Bitcoin wallets and they are desktop wallet, mobile wallet and web based wallet. You can use anyone wallet from this. Firstly you have to create account on it and this wallet will give you unique id as your address. This address is essential because when you earn Bitcoin you will store it to wallet and when you want to sell or buy Bitcoin so address is much needed. When you earn form Bitcoin so you can also transfer that money directly to your bank account from the Bitcoin wallet easily. Transaction fee of Bitcoin is very much low as compared to credit and debit card. You can send Bitcoin anytime anywhere in the world. Bitcoin’s account never be blocked. Bitcoin is very beneficial for the long term investment. No authority or government monitor on the process of the Bitcoin transaction.

So here we have provided all the detailed information about Bitcoin hope you like the article.

What is Bitcoin Mining?


Do you know what is Bitcoin mining may be many people know this but many people are not aware of Bitcoin Mining. So in this article we will try to discuss all the details about Bitcoin mining. So stay tuned with us and read the whole article carefully. Many of you may know that rates of bitcoin is increasing day by day. Basically Bitcoin mining does only two things first is adding new transaction into blockchain and also releases newly prepared bitcoin. The main work of Bitcoin mining is to compile recent transaction and to build blocks and to solve computationally difficult puzzle. The first user will solve this puzzles will get chance to place the next block in the blockchain and user can claim his prize. As in the form of prize they will get Bitcoin.

The term Bitcoin mining sounds like it is a type of mine of gold or anything else precious but we want to tell you that it is not like that here the term mining refers to something else. Here the term mining means type of process in which we use computing power to process the transactions and we secures network here and anyone else who is related to this are synchronized to one system. It is type of bitcoin data centers but a type of decentralized system and the miners from whole country mange it. It is known as decentralized system because it is not controlled by a single person or individual. Here you will get price for processing the transactions. The one who does fast and maximum work will get prize as according to it. Bitcoin is not only helpful in making new Bitcoin but it is also helpful in other works like for sending Bitcoin form one wallet to another wallet.

Now we will tell you how bitcoin mining works so if you also want to become bitcoin miner so you can be but for this you need some special hardware and Bitcoin mining software. By using Bitcoin mining software we process the bitcoin transaction and also confirm them. The main work of this miner is that if they complete transactions quickly then users will give them transaction fee for doing great work. Bitcoin mining is designed in such a way that without consuming maximum energy and with using special hardware. Bitcoin mining cost always stays flexible just according to demand. By using mining you can’t reverse the transaction once it’s done and this is how Bitcoin stays safe and secure.

Many of you are also thinking can you also do mining so yes you can do. When the Bitcoin has just started at that time number of miners are very less and new blocks are found so easily but as the Bitcoin get famous maximum people started mining so searching of new blocks is difficult now. At present lot of special and advanced software are available in the market by which mining can be done very easily. Of course mining requires lot of patience. It does not happen in only one night you need to do hard work.



Into this contemporary world everybody wants to earn extra income or they wants to invest their savings at the right place. For those people who are ready to invest their money then investment in mutual funds is best. Mutual funds some times have little risk but you don’t need to worry, every investment has some risk into it . Into mutual funds you can minimize risk by investing thousands rupees through SIP. Into mutual funds you will get 10 to 20 percent of growth every year.

To invest in mutual funds you need to complete e-kyc on websites of any bank or any assets management company. Not everyone  has a knowledge of share market, for those people mutual funds investment is best because into this there are highly qualified professionals who will invest your money into the share market. In mutual funds the banks and assets management companies pools the investment from many people who are ready to invest money. After creating pools the company gives investors money to the fund manager. The fund manager is h highly qualified professional who has a knowledge of how and where to invest money.

The fund manager invest the pooled money to generate maximum returns. The fund manager has the knowledge of the share market.When a fund manager invest money in share market after investing the money they got profit money in return, the fund manager will take their fees from profit and then transfer that return to your account according to your investment. Mutual funds have many types some are equity funds, some are debt funds and some are balance funds.

The equity funds contain high risk but it also gives higher profits. Debt funds have less risk but it also give less returns, into the balance funds your money will be invested in both equity and debt funds to balance risk and profit. When you are new in investing in mutual funds then you can invest through SIP it has very low risk. Before investing into mutual funds you can get all the information from the company about the fund manager, about the fees before investment, they can also get to know about the company’s performance, about the tax on investment and many other things. After getting all the information about mutual funds investment you can easily invest into the mutual funds and make more money.

Information of IT Technology

Information Technology

In this article we will going to share very important information to you which is very essential in today’s era of technology. So friends in this article we will discuss about Information Technology as we all know technology has become boom for us and it made our work so easy in each and every field. IT has just change our lives totally as you all know Information technology has changes each and every field like education, business, telecom etc. Today need of this tech is very high just because students are studying Information tech in their schools or colleges as the subjects.

So let us understand the term Information technology. The term Information technology is a type of tech in which we studied detail about computers and electronic devices and also with the help computers we do our studies. If we simplify this thing more then we say at present whatever information we send or share through our mobile and computers to each and other all this is done by Information technology. Just because of Information technology the world is moving forward in each and every field and people are understanding it and improving by using this technology.

Earlier when we used to spend most of the time in doing any work but now a day by using Information technology we does that work so easily and faster and also without wasting much energy. Information technology all works mentally it’s a mind game you don’t need to work hard physically in this. You have to be smart to handle this technology. Today’s humans are so impressed with Information technology because it starts doing their work faster and easier. Just sitting at one place they can reach to anywhere in the world. Information technology has made our lives advanced. At present we read news, articles on your mobile or TV this is turn possible just because of Information technology.

For your knowledgeable we want to tell you all that information technology is not a small field. It is very big field. If we talk about the job explorer of an Information technology engineer/student so what type of job opportunities you can get.

You can be Information technology engineer. This is the most common and demanded job after doing engineering in Information technology of course you will get higher job explorer here.

You can also opt software engineer as your career. Here you will study details about the software how to develop them, how to test them etc. Information technology and Software/CS is like siblings they have very minor differences in studies and also in the job opportunities.

You can also be hardware engineer after doing this. All options which we have discussed above come under information technology and somehow relates.

Information technology has now a day widely used in many fields like education, telecom, study, business and entertainment etc. students are studying Information technology and it is like complete course which they are studying. As you all know today’s we are using computers everywhere like in business and studies and many more fields like this so this is just made possible because of Information technology.

So if you interested in IT fields and you love to work on computer as well so you can opt Information technology course and make your career in Information technology. Worldwide there are lots of companies are available in which you can apply for your desired job after completing your course. So get ready to explore yourselves.



Here in this article we will going to discuss about CUSIP number. Many of us don’t know what is CUSIP number. We will try to provide each and every detail from basic to advance about CUSIP number so keep calm stay with us read the whole article. We are quite sure at the end of the article you are pretty much clear about CUSIP number. So without any further delay let start the article.

CUSIP stands for Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures which command the whole CUSIP system. CUSIP is kind of nine digit code which can be both (numeric or alphanumeric) which can be used to identifies the financial security purposing trade settlements. CUSIP number is a identification number a type of special and unique identification number which is given to all stocks and registered bonds in US and Canada, used to create solid contrast in between securities which are trade to public market. CINS number is a similar number which is used by Foreign Securities.

The CUSIP numbers are possessed by the American Bankers Association in addition with the standard peoples and the poor peoples. CUSIP number is created by using nine characters and in this nine characters there can be both letters as well as numbers. It is only allocated to all the stocks and bonds which are registered in US and Canada. Another number called serial number which is quite similar to the CUSIP number. The first 6th characters are called base or it can also be called CUSIP-6. The type of bond is identified by the 7th and the 8th digits.

Now only the 9th digit has left so 9th digit is “check digit” and it is generated automatically. CUSIP International Numbering system has a number which is widely used in foreign markets for the security purposes. In this particular situation 1st letter is a representation of the issuing country. For example E09876AA7 represent corporate bond issued in Spain. Spain is identified by the letter E.

These numbers are very useful as per many aspects it helps facilitate trade and the settlements. It allows to provide a identifier which is constant and help in differentiating the trade securities. Each type of trade and the CUSIP number which is corresponded to it is reported to facilitate the track actions and activities.

CUSIP number was formed in 1962 and the committee then developed system and that system was implemented in 1967 for identifying the securities and it is only specifically for Us and Canada reg. stocks. Many securities dealers allot the CUSIP number if you want to opt you can.

There are some examples of the world’s famous companies CUSIP numbers-

  • Amazon 023135106
  • Apple 037833100
  • Facebook 30303M102
  • Microsoft 594918104


Here in this article we will discuss the Bitcoin Investment Strategies and also give the basic guide for the beginners how to invest in bitcoin in the starting and what are the strategies required. As we all know bitcoin is a type of digital currency or we can say virtual currency which you can store online but not physically. For storing Bitcoins you need online wallet. Bitcoin gained popularity in many countries because the online transactions are very fast, flexible and more secure. Bitcoin does not stay restricted to some particular countries and it spread its popularity all over the world.
So these are some steps of Bitcoin investment strategy-

Try to set up regular purchase scheme.

Bitcoin is much beneficial and its future is much brighter than any other digital currencies. If you are new Bitcoin investor and till now you are not serious in investing Bitcoin but now you are thinking to investing in Bitcoin. You can invest small portion of your salary to cryptocurrency. By doing this you can make good and huge amount of BTC. Many sites of BTC wallet offers withdrawals at regular.

Try to buy Bitcoin locally.

If you want a beneficial strategy to invest Bitcoins then go locally try to buy bitcoins locally if you can. Invest your money in the local communities. If you search there are many options are available to invest locally. There are many sites also available which allows you to invest locally so rather than investing internationally go locally it may be near to you in your city or may be at your neighborhood. So for doing this you can contact person online and also contact person to person so that you can know is you are investing in safe hands or not.

Consider to buy Bitcoin investment company.

This is one of the less risk taking options. We must suggest the beginners that they can invest their money directly to Bitcoin investing companies instead of buying Bitcoin yourselves and selling them. Companies Shares may be depend on the actual and current price of the bitcoins. There are major number of professional who trust to invest money into the bitcoin investing companies as it is a good investing strategy.

Bitcoin mining.

Mining is type of process i.e. a difficult computing process. Bitcoins are formed though mining. Here with the help of this computing power we process transactions and the network keep secured. Bitcoin ming does two things first is to add the new transation into the blockchain and the another one is to release the new Bitcoin which is created.

  • Always remember buy low and sell high.

If you want that your investment to bitcoins got the massive success since from the beginning. Buy bitcoin in that time when the dollar exchange rate is on low and sell bitcoins when the dollar exchange rate is on top. This type of investment always have some amount of risk because you never know when the rates is on high or low when the market is on high and you have to sell the BTC.

  • Stay up to date for Bitcoin market trends.

We all know predicting is always difficult you never guess when the market is on high so there must be some risk always. Still you want a good bitcoin investment strategy so for this you must have to keep yourselves updated about the present and current Bitcoin market trends. BTC market is quite different from the other markets so it keeps changing and ups – downs happen so frequently. So you will get many chances to make money. Just remember you have to keep sharp eye on dollar exchange rate and the current market trends.